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Edras' logo is a combination of two iconic symbols, a red square and a shield knot.


The shield knot is sometimes called the earth square. The knot is an ancient design using a continuous line to create a "knot". The concept predates the Christian Era. The Knot is also a symbol that can show us how we are all part of a never-ending cycle of life, where we each add our particular strand in the fabric of time and space. We continue on to eternity as others continue on to eternity. These endless strands are like the ties that bond us all together. As each generation passes, the weave grows larger, and as the weave grows larger, it grows more complex and brings itself back in on itself, such that the next generation will continue on to bring forth the generation after that.


For many, this symbol represents the complicated whole of creation as the embodiment of one strand of essence. The eternity of life, the eternity of nature, the four seasons, the four elements: earth, air, fire, and water.


Frank LLoyd Wright is the most innovative and important architect in U.S. history. Wright practiced what is known as organic architecture, an architecture that evolves naturally out of the context. Around 1904, Wright noted on a piece of stationery, "First red square." The red square remained a distinctive symbol of Wright's. Throughout his career, his origin, he explained, was, "The lily that you see in Wisconsin... I loved that red lily so the red square is the red lily." What another designer of his time may have rendered in full detail, Wright purified to a disciplined, hard edged abstraction.


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