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About Us

Buildings are structures which have, from time to time, particular purposes. They require ongoing maintenance to prevent them falling into disrepair as a result of the ravages of time and use. Building restoration can be thought of as that set of activities which are greater than year-to-year maintenance, but which by retaining the building are less than a demolition and the construction of a new building. The scope of restoration depends upon the need, and other circumstances, such as the status of the building, and the affordability of the work required.


Edras offers a full range of masonry restoration and waterproofing services. Our specialized project teams constantly strive to exceed your expectations. Dedication and passion for our work ensures the highest degree of professional service and results on all projects. Our trained and courteous craftsmen will ensure that your dreams are brought to reality. We plan, price, and complete projects. Unanticipated conditions are handled responsibly and contractually.


"Character is the firm foundation stone upon which one must build to win respect. Just as no worthy building can be erected on a weak foundation, so no lasting reputation worthy of respect can be built on a weak character." - R.C. Samsel


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