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Our Name

Edras is an ancient word which, when translated to the English language, means Ivy. We identify ourselves with this timeless symbol of perseverance and endurance. The power of the ivy lies in its ability to cling and bind, making it a potent symbol of determination and strength. Being evergreen in nature, the ivy represents the perennial aspects of the human psyche. Ivy is symbolic of the journey of the soul and the spiral toward the self. It encourages assistance toward others in their search so that they, in turn, might offer assistance.


Ivy can grow, spread, and flourish under many conditions... cultivated land or wasteland... light or near darkness... fertile soil or upon rubble and stones. It will push its way through tiny cracks and crevices to reach the light and is strong and difficult to destroy. The ancients held the Ivy in high esteem.


The Ivy has thin tendrils that attach themselves to surfaces and are strong enough to penetrate bricks and plaster. Ivy is extremely hardy and can live to be a great age. Ivy is said to be the only plant which will not make walls damp.

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